Description of Services
Electrowatt Eng'g. Services Power generator, transmission and distributor, congeneration combined heat and power schemes, industrial utilization of energy, oil gas exploration, production, processing, storage and transportation, petro-chemical and chemical processing, manufacturers, treatment and storage.
STS Pipelining H.D.P.T. cylindrical corrosion barriers.
PSI   Pipeline plugging specialists
  Remote controlled and operated Smart Plug
Ropetec Industrial Rope Access company. Services offered: surface preparation techniques, painting, inspections, electrical installations, maintenance and mechanical services, signage, rigging and maintenance.
RST Projects Limited Pipeline Inspection Services. Establishing a baseline record of a pipeline's status, on-going condition monitoring of a pipeline, as part of a pipeline cleaning program either to rehabilitate on older line or prior to the running of an ultrasound or mag-flux inspection tool, effectively diagnosing pigging problems, optimizing pigging problems, and gathering pipeline process data.
Environment Waste Management

Oily Waste Problems. Specialist in the treatment and disposal of oily slop and sludge from large crude oil tankers, oilfields, refineries, oil terminals and power stations.
  Solid / Liquid Separation
  Liquid / Liquid Separation
  Thermal Separation

Drain Brain Offshore

Shutdown Specialist.
  Ultra high pressure surface preparation
  Specialist pipe pigging
  Pipe descaling (Aquadril System)
  Airflow operations (heavy duty vacuum equipment)
  Scale detection before and after pipe cleaning
  Separator/vessel cleaning (online & offline).

ISCOSA Maintenance overhaul/repair of Heavy Duty Motors, Compressors, Generators, Transformers, and all kind of Electro-mechanical Equipment used for onshore and offshore oil industries.
Emirates Techno Casting   Manufacturers and suppliers of Cathodic Protection Systems, particularly for the marine, offshore and industrial sectors.
  Transformer rectifiers
  Manufacturer of aluminium and zinc anodes for the offshore sector.
  Design studies on the technical and commercial viability of cathodic protection.
  Suppliers of sacrificial anodes - zinc, magnesium, aluminium, and soft iron
  Suppliers of impressed current anodes, platinized titanium, platinized niobium, mixed metal oxides, high silicon-iron-chromium, graphite etc.
Beta. Techno Consult Ltd. Shutdown and maintenance services
TechnoFIBRE Marine Services L.L.C.   Lifeboat Refurbishment & Davit Maintenance
  Supply of Lifeboats, Rescue Boats & Maintenance
  Supply, Servicing, Installation & Maintenance
  Water Weight Bags & Load Cells - On Hire for Testing  
Fujairah Marine Services Oil spill equipment/products, maintenance and repair.
GTIECO   Maintenance and cleaning of Crude Oil Storage Tanks using Petrojet technology.
  Oil Reclaiming Technology.